#FraudWeek – formulating fundamentals

Fraud: The multi-edged blade
Globally, we are observing the International Fraud Awareness Week (November 16 – 22, 2014) and this makes it an opportune time to reflect on our attitude toward the subject – are you really doing enough to combat fraud risks?

Take the 30 second test to unravel India Inc.’s Fraud Quotient (Click here) and here are some thoughts while you assess your individual stance.

It is a time to be-aware,
Of the fraudsters out there,
The ones who make a living,
By scheming and deceiving.

Many organizations, today,
Find themselves in the fray,
To combat the threats,
Which fraudulent behaviour begets.

Although we are progressing,
Business liabilities are increasing,
With a heightened need to adhere,
International Fraud Awareness Week is here.

A chance to observe and contemplate,
Over risks which are necessary to mitigate.
External factors and internal too,
Could cause an upheaval all too soon.

With your ear to the ground and a questioning mind,
We encourage you to analyse and thereby find,
Gaps in compliance which have the potential,
To devastate business and your credentials.

Wake up to this cause; it is but a start,
We at EY Forensic are proud be a part,
To ensure this thought provoking agenda,
Shakes up the industry with its propaganda.

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