In pursuit of an ethical tomorrow: EY Forensic & Integrity Services

Businesses today are operating in an era of dynamic models, digital innovation, rising regulations and enforcement. Today, the integrity of an organization has become an important driver and successful organizations should depend on their reputation for keeping promises, respecting laws and behaving ethically to maintain stakeholder trust.

With an aim to build a better working world, we have a refreshed strategy and redefined focus. From now, we will be known as Forensic & Integrity Services to reflect our commitment to embed integrity at the heart of businesses. It will further symbolize an evolution of who we are as a practice.

The “Integrity Agenda”

Integrity is the cornerstone to success. The results from our Global Fraud Survey 2018 suggest that the benefits of demonstrating organizational integrity can actually improve business performance. Survey respondents felt that customer perception, public perception, recruitment and retention of employees were deemed more important benefits.

The “Integrity Agenda” can be achieved by bridging the gap between organizational intentions and the actual conduct of employees. To close the gap between intent and reality, organizations should focus their efforts on improving the effectiveness of their compliance programs by assessing the corporate culture, controls and governance from an integrity perspective, leveraging new technologies to provide better data insights.

The framework for success can be built on a core set of four elements that align an individual’s actions with an organization’s objectives. It enables successful organizations to stay true to their missions, keep their promises, respect laws and ethical norms, and foster public trust in the free enterprise system.

For leading organizations, demonstrating the “Integrity Agenda” will be a core factor for an organization’s growth. It can not only enhance business performance, but also boost employee morale and create a positive reputation among all stakeholders.

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