Rethink your ethics strategy: Int’l Fraud Awareness Week 2018

Today, most emerging markets are battling volatility as a result of trade wars, inflation, fluctuations in currency and oil prices, fears around the stock market and geopolitical instability. Economic development continues to see an uptick but a sense of caution still prevails. The current risk scenario is almost a test of resilience for many global organizations as they steer past macro-economic doldrums. In such trying times, market pressures, unrest or uncertainty may amplify fraud, bribery and corruption risks.

But challenging times don’t always demand creative solutions. Organizations can tackle misconduct or ethical predicaments by turning toward their inherent mission or vision. The role of ethics and integrity in business today is more important than ever before. After all, the moral fibre of an organization – its foundation – depends on all its stakeholders: senior management, employees, third party associations, shareholders, the board and independent directors

A key initiative in the global anti-fraud movement is the ‘International Fraud Awareness Week’ (11 to 17 November 2018). Led by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), world’s largest anti-fraud organization, Fraud Week is a dedicated week to raise awareness about the impact of fraud and what can companies do to mitigate it.

Some of the key and trending topics right now include:

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