Compliance in an era of sanctions and monitorships

A sharp rise in money laundering activities, bank frauds and terrorist financing has led to an unprecedented number of sanctions levied over the past few months. Given the current regulatory environment, sanctions compliance has emerged as probably the only recourse in the struggle against financial crime. The rapid expansion of sanctions has led organizations, beyond … More Compliance in an era of sanctions and monitorships

Counter-attacking corporate corruption

India’s business ecosystem has evolved to be irrepressible, led by progressive reforms, robust domestic demand, and sanguine economic performance. According to the latest World Bank’s Doing Business 2019 survey, we have moved ahead to 77 in ranking among 190 countries; India is also expected to continue being “the fastest growing emerging market economy.”

Is Brexit brewing the perfect storm for fraud?

Like a perfect storm, the likelihood of fraud occurring exponentially increases in the presence of a certain set of circumstances. Geopolitical changes, such as Brexit for example, has caused much discussion, angst and uncertainty – thus creating the perfect storm for fraud. Rain, thunder and lightning are not needed but the clouds impeding the horizon … More Is Brexit brewing the perfect storm for fraud?

Focus on compliance and governance in the Indian IT-ITeS sector

Traditionally not deemed as a ‘regulated’ industry, the Information Technology (IT-ITeS) is now among the key ones impacted by the changing and enhanced regulatory environment. Today, the sector is grappling with laws around stricter immigration, data localization and anti-corruption, as well as data governance and privacy. In addition to ensuring compliance with new and improved … More Focus on compliance and governance in the Indian IT-ITeS sector

Emerging markets conundrum – Does growth equal risk?

Emerging market countries have seen unbridled development over the last couple of years. They’ve transformed into economic powerhouses to accelerate global growth. High investor returns, rapid industrialization, multiple international trade agreements and pacts, substantial labor pools, job opportunities and untapped resources in these markets have made them frontrunners in generating business opportunities.

Independent directors: driving integrity

Corporate scandals in Singapore over the last two years put the spotlight on integrity. Incidences of fraud and corruption have serious financial and reputational consequences. Not surprisingly, boards now see anti-fraud and corruption as corporate priorities. More importantly, beyond compliance, companies must demonstrate that they are putting integrity firmly on the boardroom agenda.

Corruption Perceptions Index 2018: Corruption leads to a global crisis of democracy

This year’s Corruption Perception Index* (CPI) analyses perceived corruption levels in relation to crisis in democracy around the world and how both are intertwined. Corruption continues to be a significant obstacle to the economic growth of countries though they may have different levels of democracy – be it autocratic nations or full democracies.