Expanding the arc of global corporate compliance

Today’s world of corporate compliance is characterized by an increasing number of enforcement actions related to bribery and corruption. Co-operation and information sharing between enforcement agencies on multi-jurisdictional cases is also increasing. Parallelly, nations such as Brazil, Canada, Mexico, France, India, Russia, Spain and Korea are either adopting anti-bribery laws or strengthening existing legislations. By … More Expanding the arc of global corporate compliance

Software product start-ups eyeing global expansion – what are the typical compliance issues faced?

Sparked by innovative ideas and led by entrepreneurial talent, the Indian start-up ecosystem has seen skyrocketing growth over the last few years. But every burgeoning business is faced with its own set of challenges. The Indian software products space has shown immense promise; but it has also become vulnerable to compliance related issues.

Confronting corruption – the changing dynamics

India has been at the centre of conversations across the globe, and the new Government seems to have brought in a noticeable change in terms of regulatory dynamics. In the quest to truly redefine India’s appeal factor and make it an attractive investment destination, the Government has been treading a path of reform. The objective … More Confronting corruption – the changing dynamics