Managing third party risks through enhanced due diligence

Increased globalization has resulted in businesses expanding their footprint across the world. To drive efficiency, most organizations tend to outsource non-core activities to external or third parties. While the growing network of third parties can help organizations sustain in a challenging environment, it has also brought with it risks such as bribery and corruption, Intellectual … More Managing third party risks through enhanced due diligence

EYPerspecTV – Interview with Vinod Rai (Part 3)

In our last segment of EYPerspecTV with Mr. Vinod Rai, former Chairman of United Nations Panel of External Auditors and 11th Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India, we talked about how private companies in India could improve their corporate governance structures and ensure compliance in more than just substance. In the third and final segment of this series, Mr. … More EYPerspecTV – Interview with Vinod Rai (Part 3)

Weighing a fraud

Consider this case, the CEO of a well-known consumer products company was delighted looking at its yearly sales numbers. The month-on-month progression showed an uptick and everyone anticipated better than average financial results. However, this happiness proved short lived. A periodic internal audit and physical verification ensued, which stated shortages in one of its key … More Weighing a fraud