How to outwit cyber criminals in a rapidly changing world

The world has come a long way since the first computer viruses – Creeper, Wabbit and Elk Cloner – were unleashed on the ARPANET (forming the technical base of today’s internet) close to half a century ago. Initially self-replicating and somewhat harmless programs, these viruses and worms gradually turned complex, vicious and persistent. The internet … More How to outwit cyber criminals in a rapidly changing world

Leveraging technology to build agile third-party risk management strategies

In this day and age, many companies are building ecosystems that offer opportunities to create agile strategies, flexible operating models and minimize costs for improved competitiveness. These partnerships however, may expose the company to a host of new risks, particularly related to third parties. Many global regulators have taken note of this, putting a special … More Leveraging technology to build agile third-party risk management strategies

Emerging markets conundrum – Does growth equal risk?

Emerging market countries have seen unbridled development over the last couple of years. They’ve transformed into economic powerhouses to accelerate global growth. High investor returns, rapid industrialization, multiple international trade agreements and pacts, substantial labor pools, job opportunities and untapped resources in these markets have made them frontrunners in generating business opportunities.

Independent directors: driving integrity

Corporate scandals in Singapore over the last two years put the spotlight on integrity. Incidences of fraud and corruption have serious financial and reputational consequences. Not surprisingly, boards now see anti-fraud and corruption as corporate priorities. More importantly, beyond compliance, companies must demonstrate that they are putting integrity firmly on the boardroom agenda.

Corruption Perceptions Index 2018: Corruption leads to a global crisis of democracy

This year’s Corruption Perception Index* (CPI) analyses perceived corruption levels in relation to crisis in democracy around the world and how both are intertwined. Corruption continues to be a significant obstacle to the economic growth of countries though they may have different levels of democracy – be it autocratic nations or full democracies.

Internal auditor: Watchdog or bloodhound?

In a recent incident of fraud unearthed at a multinational banking and financial services company in India, the internal auditor was arrested on charges of conspiring with other co-accused in deliberately failing to point out certain discrepancies. The National Company Law Tribunal added names of the internal auditors (present and former) as parties to the … More Internal auditor: Watchdog or bloodhound?

Data Privacy Day – control “cookies” before you consent

Have you wondered how search items on your browser history are presented to you, even after a few days, in the form of advertisements or sponsored content? The answer to this is “cookies”, or tiny text files that are downloaded on your device when it’s connected to the internet. Globally, data privacy, data protection and … More Data Privacy Day – control “cookies” before you consent