Profitability or integrity? Why not both?

Growth and profitability have been at the crux of the corporate agenda and defined the way businesses function. Companies have nevertheless encountered challenges while trying to achieve these goals, which have inevitably required them to sometimes ‘work around the way of the land’. For instance, it is a common concern that in certain regions or … More Profitability or integrity? Why not both?

Confronting corruption – the changing dynamics

India has been at the centre of conversations across the globe, and the new Government seems to have brought in a noticeable change in terms of regulatory dynamics. In the quest to truly redefine India’s appeal factor and make it an attractive investment destination, the Government has been treading a path of reform. The objective … More Confronting corruption – the changing dynamics

Battling the malaise of corruption

Efforts to dodge regulations and policies that characterized the now defunct ‘License Raj’ have rendered India susceptible to widespread corruption. According to the EY Global Fraud Survey 2014, 68% of respondents agreed that bribery and corruption are rampant in Indian companies. The public interest in changing the status quo around corruption has increased significantly. The … More Battling the malaise of corruption

Tone at the Top: The foundation of an effective compliance program

Of late, the corporate sector is abuzz with the need for an effective compliance and ethics programs due to the rise in the number of frauds and consequent regulatory actions. Numerous policies around anti-corruption, whistleblowing and ethics code attempt to ensure compliance with the changing legal environment. But is mere drafting of policies good enough … More Tone at the Top: The foundation of an effective compliance program