Emerging markets conundrum – Does growth equal risk?

Emerging market countries have seen unbridled development over the last couple of years. They’ve transformed into economic powerhouses to accelerate global growth. High investor returns, rapid industrialization, multiple international trade agreements and pacts, substantial labor pools, job opportunities and untapped resources in these markets have made them frontrunners in generating business opportunities.

Managing third party risks through enhanced due diligence

Increased globalization has resulted in businesses expanding their footprint across the world. To drive efficiency, most organizations tend to outsource non-core activities to external or third parties. While the growing network of third parties can help organizations sustain in a challenging environment, it has also brought with it risks such as bribery and corruption, Intellectual … More Managing third party risks through enhanced due diligence

Software product start-ups eyeing global expansion – what are the typical compliance issues faced?

Sparked by innovative ideas and led by entrepreneurial talent, the Indian start-up ecosystem has seen skyrocketing growth over the last few years. But every burgeoning business is faced with its own set of challenges. The Indian software products space has shown immense promise; but it has also become vulnerable to compliance related issues.